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Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags

  1. Adventure Racing Sleeping Bag

    Adventure Racing Sleeping System

    Temp Range: 5°c to 0°c
    Pack Size: 27cm x 13cm
  2. Jungle Bag - Olive

    Jungle Bag

    Temp Range: 7°c to 2°c
    Pack Size: 15cm x 18cm
  3. Quart (All weather Sleep System)

    Quart (All weather Sleep System)

    Temp Range: 5°c to 0°c
    Pack Size: 28cm x 18cm
  4. Softie 3 Solstice - Red

    Softie 3 Solstice / Merlin

    Temp Range: 5°c to 0°c
    Pack Size: 16cm x 16cm
  5. Softie 6 Twilight - Blue

    Softie 6 Twilight / Kestrel

    Temp Range: 0°c to -5°c
    Pack Size: 18cm(L) x 19cm(W)
  6. Softie Expansion 2

    Softie Expansion 2

    Temp Range: 2°C to -3°C
    Pack Size: 24cm x 18cm
  7. Softie Expansion 3

    Softie Expansion 3

    Temp Range: -5°C to -10°C
    Pack Size: 26cm x 22cm
  8. Softie Expansion 4

    Softie Expansion 4

    Temp Range: -10°C to -15°C
    Pack Size: 28cm x 24cm
  9. Softie Expansion 5

    Softie Expansion 5

    Temp Range: -15°C to -20°C
    Pack Size: 32cm x 26cm

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