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paratex dry
Paratex Dry
is a 100% waterproof fabric (hydrophilic polyurethane coating) with a hydrostatic head in excess of 5000mm (items with a hydro static head in excess of 1500mm are generally considered waterproof)

Detailed information

What it is:  
100% waterproof fabric (Hydrophillic Polyurathane Coating)

How it works:

Closely constructed fabric with a ripstop construction. Teamed with a Hydrophillic Polyurathane (PU) which transfers water vapour chemically    from the inside to the outside (due to the temperature differential between the inside of the product and out)


  • 100% Waterproof with a Hydro Static Head in Excess of 5000mm (Items with a Hydrostatic Head over 1500mm are generally considered waterproof)
  • Only ever used in fully taped seamed systems.
  • Ripstop Weave
  • Lightweight
  • Tough
  • Breathable (will transmit upto  7.5 litres of moisture per m2 per 24 hours)
  • Soft to the touch
  • Completely Windproof (trapping and stopping the movement of warm air in the sleeping bag or Garment)
  • Outer Fabric treated with a Durable Water Repellant. (water repellancy can be maintained by a cool tumble dry after washing and periodic retreatment with suitable after care products such as Nikwax or Grangers)
  • Completely manufactured within Europe (Extruded, Woven and Dyed & Finished)

Where it is used:
As a breathable Bivvi Bag (Waterproof sleeping bag outer) or a shell fabric in waterproof jackets. It is important to note that as this solid coating air can not pass so care should be taken not to completely seal any bivvi bag system to prevent suffocation.

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paratex micro

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paratex steelplate

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softie premier

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paratex antibacterial

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TS1 which stands for Thermal suede is a lightweight polyester with a sueded finish which uses a combination of yarns with different thicknesses. Microfibre yarns (less than 1 decitex) go on the outside and Macrofibre (3 decitex) go on the inside. The Macro fibre yarns are raised to produce a short pile, similar in feel to Suede. The construction exploits a basic physical property - that water will always move from a low to high surface area or from the Macro to Micro filament yarns, thus moving water from the body towards the outside of the bag.


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