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Snugpak are based in a listed mill built in the 1800's on the edge of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. We are very proud to be one of the last manufacturers of quality sleeping bags and insulated clothing not only in the UK but across Europe. We have a dedicated workforce at our West Yorkshire factory in the North of England who are trained to use state of the art machinery and traditional sewing techniques to bring our ideas to life.

Our Story

Snugpak® is a true, pioneering British company, starting out as an original cottage industry founded by Brett Harris in the 1970s. While doing high risk repair work on oil rigs, Brett saw his American co-workers wearing body warmers, and knew there would be a great market for them in the UK. He set to work on the designs, making patterns on his kitchen table and learning to sew. He used his free weekends to sell his products on local markets whilst paying the mortgage with his day job.

As demand grew, he started to take on sewing staff, rented a small unit in Silsden and started to advertise his products nationally at outdoor exhibitions. The range had expanded further into clothing and was about to leap into the pack size sleeping bags that have made the company famous. Before long, he approached a local engineer to produce bespoke machinery to reduce costs and save time, bringing a new level of automation to the industry. These unique techniques allowed him to competitively bring his ideas of low weight and low pack size sleeping bags to a market that would be forever changed by this kind of innovation.

Returning to their roots in the 1990s, Snugpak® developed a synthetic fill, deep sea diving insulated suit (for another Great British company, Weezle™) which demonstrated that, along with the sleeping bags and jackets, the insulation continues to protect the user if they accidently get wet. The suit went on to win the Millennium Product Award for its design.

The 2000s have seen the company grow from a strong British manufacturing company into an internationally recognised brand, twice winning the Queens Award for Enterprise in International Trade.

2006 saw the retirement of the original company
owner, but it was business as usual, with the long term
company directors seamlessly carrying on the legacy
and commitment to affordable,
British manufacturing.

Factory Tour
Our Timeline
Snugpak® produce the first insulated vests.
Force 7 all weather insulated jacket first promoted
Sleeping bags first made on custom built automated machinery
Exclusive Softie® insulation is developed and launched as a viable alternative to down
Lead the way in pack size sleeping bags with the launch of the Softie® 3
Start to become a force in the military
First fully automated sleeping bag / jacket productionline goes live
Snugpak® help develop a synthetic fill diving under suit for Weezle Diving
Snugpak® goes international launching across Europe, America and the Far East
Snugpak® Weezle Diving Suit wins Millenium Products award
Snugpak® wins Queens Award for Enterprise
Retirement of the original Snugpak owners, with long term directors carrying on the legacy.
Snugpak® diversify into camping accessories and travel items
Snugpak® wins Queens Award for Enterprise for a 2nd time, presented by HRH Princess Anne
Snugpak® wins Novel Awards for Best Sleeping Bag Innovation
Snugpak® manufactures the World’s Largest Sleeping Bag
Our Technologies


Paratex Steelplate …as the name suggests this fabric is used on the cream of Snugpak's products giving a great balance between aesthetics and performance

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As part of our continuing development process to keep our synthetic insulation at the leading edge we are pleased to introduce the next generation in sleeping bag technology. Softie® Premier uses the same basic principles as traditional Softie® but improvements in extrusion technology and binding resins result in a finer, softer and more durable insulation. Both Softie® and Softie® Premier are exclusive to Snugpak.

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Unique Fabrics

Reflectatherm, this metallised fabric is designed to reflect heat and retain warmth. A highly breathable material, which adds little to the weight or packsize of the product and provides at least 15% additional warmth whilst being undetectable by touch in the sleeping bag or garment.

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