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Bivvi Bag

The Snugpak® Bivvi Bag, perfect for UK Weather Conditions & protecting you from evaporative and convection heat loss and one of the Ten Essential Items for Hillwalking & Mountaineering. The Bivvi Bag is listed as an essential item within the ‘Freedom of the Hills Systems Approach’ to Hill Walking, providing emergency shelter for anyone participating in ventures and expeditions. Lightweight, waterproof and windproof, the Bivvi Bag provides protection from weather elements all year round and is small enough to be carried on its own for emergencies, as well as used in conjunction with an entire sleeping system for wild camping and tent based camping ventures.

When planning and conducting any venture, shelter is one of the most important considerations for lightweight travel, even if planned camps are not part of the overall objective. The lightweight bivvi bag, a term abbreviated from bivouac, a French word meaning ‘temporary encampment’, can be used as the bare minimum for light-weight wild camping in the summer, or used in conjunction with a sleeping bag and air mat for planned camps all year round.

The Bivvi bag is the ideal choice for outdoor ventures, bushcraft and emergency survival. With a small volume and exceptional lightweight properties, it can be folded or packed away as a stalwart item in your outdoor kit, with or without a sleeping bag. A 5000mm Hydrostatic Head guarantees waterproof and windproof durability, creating an enclosed micro-climate that increases humidity and maintaining body temperature through the protection of evaporative and convection heat loss.

The technical fabric of the Snugpak Bivvi Bag, Paratex Dry, is breathable, allowing trapped moisture to escape from within the microclimate, keeping you warm, dry and comfortable. Paratex Dry moves moisture out of the sleeping system at an impressive 7.5L of moisture per m 2 per 24 hours. When seeking shelter from the weather elements, you will be grateful for the superior technical features of the Snugpak Bivvi Bag, and have greater confidence in your outdoor ventures, knowing you are equipped to deal with emergency benightment should the worse happen, as well as having a protective shell for your sleeping bag.

Snugpak Bivvi Bags come complete in Standard and Extra Large Sizes, which can be used with 4 Season or Expedition (Polar) based sleeping bags.

Please Note: Snugpak Bivvi Bags have a solid coating, and although designed to be breathable, sufficient air cannot pass through the fabric to sustain breathing. To prevent suffocation do not completely seal any Bivvi Bag system.
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Weight Weight includes everything.
Breathable High moisture-vapour transmission rate helps to keep you dry when you're active.
Light Weight Exceptionally lightweight, perfect when on the move.
Stuff Sack Help reduce volume to give you extra space when travelling.
Waterproof 100% waterproof to help keep you dry.
Mummy Shape Tapered at the bottom to minimise wasted space.
• Made of Paratex Dry, a lightweight, durable, 100% waterproof and breathable fabric. It makes an ideal protective shell for any of our sleeping bags, weighing only 300g. Exceptional breathability ensures user comfort in all conditions
• Hydro Static Head of more than 5000mm (Hydrostatic Head) over 1500mm is generally considered waterproof
• Outer Fabric can be treated with a Durable Water Repellent (water repellency can be maintained by a cool tumble dry after washing and periodic re-treatment with suitable aftercare products such as Nikwax or Grangers)
• Supplied with its own stuff sack
• Colours - Olive, Black or Coyote Tan
• Exceptionally lightweight, perfect when on the move
• Breathable with moisture wicking properties

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Colour Available

  • Olive
  • Black Black
  • Coyote Tan

Sizes Available & Weight

  • Adult Standard - 300g / 11oz
    Extra Long - 320g / 11oz

More Information

  • Dimensions:
    Width (Chest) 85cm / 33"
    Width (Foot) 65cm / 26"
    Length 228cm / 90"

    Extra Long (UK Made):
    Width (Chest) 85cm / 33"
    Width (Foot) 65cm / 26"
    Length 275cm / 108"

    Standard - 13cm(H) x 10cm(W) / 5" x 4"
    Extra Long - 15.5cm(H) x 10cm(W) / 6" x 4"


  • Bivvi Bag Black - 8211654290002
    Bivvi Bag Black Extra Long - 8211654390009
    Bivvi Bag Olive - 8211654290101
    Bivvi Bag Olive Extra Long - 8211654390108
    Bivvi Bag Coyote Tan - 8211654291702

Outer Fabric (100% Nylon)

100% Waterproof and breathable fabric to keep out the elements. Completely windproof (trapping and stopping the movement of warm air) is designed for use within the UK.

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