Thermalon Liner

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  • Thermalon Insulating Liner - Olive
  • Thermalon Insulating Liner - Olive (Packsize)

Thermalon Liner

When you need extra warmth at night, just add the body-hugging Thermalon Insulating Liner inside your sleeping bag to significantly improve its thermal qualities. It has an incredibly soft, wool-like finish for a little extra luxury and the clever construction of the fabric ensures that any moisture will be moved away from the body for a truly comfortable night.

The Thermalon Liner is 165cm long but can be stretched to 210cm
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Weight Weight includes everything.
Breathable High moisture-vapour transmission rate helps to keep you dry when you're active.
Easy To Wash Easy to wash and care for, check your care label for full details.
Stuff Sack Help reduce volume to give you extra space when travelling.
Wicking Exceptional wicking properties.
Tie In Loops Stop your liner twisting by attaching to the loops inside your Snugpak sleeping bag.
• Easy to wash and care for
• Luxurious and warm to touch
• Supplied with a stuff sack for easy storage
• Body hugging
• Can be used on its own in warmer climates
• Prolongs sleeping bag life
• Breathable with moisture wicking properties
• Tie in loops to stop the liner twisting in the sleeping bag

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Colour Available

  • Black Black
  • Olive

Sizes Available & Weight

  • 460g / 16oz (Adult)

More Information

  • Dimensions
    Length 165cm / 65" can be stretched to 210cm / 83"
    Shoulder Width 55cm / 22"
    Foot Width 55cm / 22"


  • Thermalon Liner Black - 8211653720005
    Thermalon Liner Olive - 8211653720104 is designed for use within the UK.

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