Adventure Racing Softie Smock - Black

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Adventure Racing Softie® Smock

Developed by Snugpak® with input from professional members of the outdoor community, expert navigators and meteorological staff, military personnel, mountain bikers and adventure racers. The new functional Snugpak® Venture AR Range creates an entire system of elemental protection and insulation to support you, whether you are working on completing couch to 10k at your local country parks, completing longer half-marathons across lowland moors, participating in longer mountain marathons, point to point racing and climbing, as well as XC and enduro mountain biking. The Adventure Racing range has been created for you, whether you are challenging yourself or racing for that elite medal.

The Snugpak® AR Softie® Smock is ideal for longer races, with overnight camps, as well as mountain marathons and XC adventures, all year round, where the main environmental considerations are wind and cold weather:

• Adventure Races
• Running
• Orienteering
• Cross Country
• Point-to-Point Challenges
• Endurance Events
• Mountain Marathons
• Mountain Biking

The Snugpak® AR Softie® Smock is a tri-layer garment and uses both Paratex Micro as a face fabric, and an internal Softie® Premier fill, encapsulated with a Paratex Light lining. Designed to provide excellent thermal protection against the cold, as well as high protection against wind, the AR Softie® Smock is available in Softie®3 weight, for the following temperature range:

Comfort: 0°C
Extreme: -5°C

The AR Softie® Smock is much lighter than a typical jacket, using water-resistant YKK zips, ideal for when size and weight need to be at a minimum. It is ideally worn with a variety of base layers, such as the Snugpak 2nd Skinz Coolmax long sleeve top, to move moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry and regulating core temperature when running in cold, inclement conditions, and providing insulation when generating less heat, such as when sleeping in lightweight wild camps.

The quick drying, Paratex Micro 100% nylon material has a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish. Water repellency can be maintained with a cool tumble dry after washing and periodic re-treatment with suitable aftercare products, such as Nikwax and Grangers. The AR Softie® Smock will keep you dry in a short, light shower, giving you time to find a safe place to stop and put on more effective (hardshell) waterproof layers, if required. The AR Softie® Smock can also be worn under waterproof [PTFE] membrane hard shells in severe weather, maintaining access to your essential race equipment.

In dry, cooler conditions, the extended cut of the AR Softie® Smock enables you to layer effectively with additional thinner insulation, or warmer fleece layers worn underneath so that core temperature can be effectively managed. In warmer months, it is light and cool enough to wear at higher altitudes or summer alpine mountain ranges. The AR Softie® Smock can also be layered with the Softie® AR Vest, as an additional insulation layer for colder conditions and is designed to wear inside the Snugpak Softie® Lightweight AR Sleeping System.

The AR Softie® Smock allows essential equipment to be carried centrally, with easy access when wearing a running pack, daysack, or expedition pack and maintains core functionality with other race equipment.

APALS® (All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips)
Each jacket is supplied with one APALS®

Can be seen up to 1 mile
Runtime 200+ hours
Hook and loop backing
Waterproof, Dustproof & Shockproof
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Weight Weight includes everything.
Comfort Use this as your main temperature guide.
Low Experienced users who are used to severe conditions.
Light Weight Exceptionally lightweight, perfect when on the move.
Made In The UK Support British manufacturing and enjoy superior British quality.
Tough Durable, lightweight and tough.
Chest Pocket Venture Includes a unique central map case pocket in the chest area & large outer pocket.
Hook and Loop Designed to accommodate APALS®, Reflective Tabs and Morale Patches.
Thumb Loop Holes in the cuff to insert thumbs for increased coverage in cold weather.
The tri-layer AR Windtop Smock incorporates a unique design, for the storage and use of essential race equipment, such as map and compass, as well as more modern devices such as smartphones and tablets, when completing digital races using iSeries Navigation™:

Made in the UK. Support UK manufacturing and enjoy superior British quality
Unisex Design
Extremely Lightweight & durable, perfect for when weight and space need to be considered
Light enough to be worn all day
Distinctive Black/Orange complimentary AR Colour
Windproof: The Paratex Micro fabric protects you from wind chill
Breathable: The Paratex Micro high moisture-vapour transmission rate helps to keep you dry when you're active
Comfortable: The TS1 lining adds a layer of insulation to keep hands warm
APALS® Soft Hook & Loop Patches (APALS® (All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips) one supplied with each jacket)
Race Number attachment that does not compromise main materials (pin through front pocket flap)
Large Map Chest Pocket, with Internal D-Rings
Large & Small External Pouches
External D-Ring for LED Torches, etc.
TS1 Lined Hand Warmer ‘Muff’ Pocket
Thumb Loops;
Hem & Neck adjuster for a better fit, helping trap warm air and aid insulation;
1/4 Length Water-resistant YKK Zip, to help trap warm air, or ventilate
Extended Scoop, to protect from heel lift and wheel spray in wet weather
Harness Compatible
Customise with effective layering for colder weather or longer races
For the entire Snugpak® Venture Range, the hood has been removed, allowing greater compatibility with other items of clothing, but the storage space remains. This allows you to roll up items such as a neck scarf, Buff®, fleece liner gloves or skull cap and store them close to hand.

Chest Pocket
The Venture Range includes a central map case pocket in the chest area, for the storage of a full size (Large) map case, such as the SILVA® Carry Dry Map Case (265x480mm), or an iPad® mini™ within a waterproof eCase® (185x238mm). The main pocket also incorporates two D-rings to secure essential items, such as a compass or whistle, to prevent accidental loss, as well as tethering other waterproof cases so that they do not need to be carried in an unsafe position around the neck.

There is also a large Outer-Pocket on the front of the central chest pocket, with a hook & loop security tab and a functional D-ring. This pocket can accommodate an A6 folded map, or a notebook and pen/pencil, or smartphones in a waterproof case, such as the iPhone 5S in the waterproof eCase® (105x175mm) as well as small digital cameras. In front of this is a smaller outer-pocket with hook & loop security tab, ideal for keeping your compass close to hand, or used for securing smaller energy gels, pens, pencils etc. when on the move.

Hook & Loop Patches
Throughout the Venture Range designs, there are various Hook & Loop Patches, designed to accommodate APALS® Personal Identification (PID) LEDs, or 3M Scotchlite™ Reflective Tabs to make you more visible in low-light conditions. Small APALS® patches are located on the back of the collar, as well as the left sleeve. There is also a larger soft Hook & Loop patch on the Right arm, for ID’s, Morale Patches as well as Group and Organisation Patches, allowing you to personalise your Venture Smock. Soft Hook & Loop is also available on the front of the small outer-pouch, for either an APALS® LED or reflective marker.

Rear Scoop
The Snugpak® AR Softie® Smock has an additional rear scoop that protects the wearer from wet heel-lift when running, as well as tyre spray when cycling. The scoop can be held and adjusted in-situ with the bungee hem-cord.

Hand Pockets
The AR Softie® Smock design also incorporates a harness compatible, muff-style, TS1 hand-warmer pocket, giving you a large internal storage space if needed. It can also be used for storing other essential items and will keep them safe due to the deep pocket and side zips that prevent items falling out.

TS1 Lining
TS1, which stands for Thermal Suede and is a lightweight of soft polyester fabric that can be worn next to skin, with a sueded finish and uses a combination of yarns with different thicknesses; microfibre yarns (less than 1dtex) go on the outside and macrofibre (3dtex) go on the inside. A Decitex (dtex), is a unit of measure for the linear mass density of fibres and materials, expressed as grams per 10,000m.

These macrofibre yarns are raised to produce a short pile, similar in feel to Suede and the overall TS1 construction exploits the basic physical property that water will always move from a low to high surface area or from the Macro to Micro filament yarns, thus moving water from the pouch towards the outside of the garment, allowing it to breathe through the Paratex Micro outer fabric, perfect for when hands need to be kept warm, when using thinner, less insulated, race gloves.

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Packsize Dimensions
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Outer Fabric (100% Nylon)

Paratex Micro is tough, lightweight, highly windproof and water repellent. Paratex Micro utilises closely constructed fabric and is exceptionally hard wearing but still remains soft to the touch.

Inner Fabric (100% Nylon)

Paratex light is lightweight, highly windproof, water repellent fabrics, exceptionally breathable and able to wick moisture away from source.

Insulation (100% Polyester)

Randomised fine filament fibres create extra voids and loft to trap more warm air, whilst keeping the same weight as a standard insulation. is designed for use within the UK.

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