Expanda Panel SF - Olive

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  • Expanda Panel SF - Black
  • Expanda Panel SF - Olive

Expanda Panel Special Forces

Suitable for Snugpak Centre Zip Special Forces range, this zip-in-wedge adds extra chest room (Sleeping bag not included)

For use with the following sleeping bags:

Special Forces 1
Special Forces 2

Please note: As expanda panels are made at a different time in production to the sleeping bag, occasionally, the Expanda can appear up to 10cm longer or shorte ...
r than the sleeping bag. Although the zip tape length is exact, there is a variation on the amount of coil per zip, which the zip manufacturer explains as the "expected tolerance".
Please check before purchase, as expanda panels may be incompatible with older models of Snugpak sleeping bags.
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Weight Weight includes everything.
Made In The UK Support British manufacturing and enjoy superior British quality.
Stuff Sack Help reduce volume to give you extra space when travelling.
• Adds around 40cm extra chest room tapering to the foot
• Made in the UK
• Supplied with its own stuff sack
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Colour Available

  • Black Black
  • Desert Tan Desert Tan
  • Multicam Multicam
  • Olive

Sizes Available & Weight

  • 630g / 22oz

More Information

  • If your sleeping bag isn't on the list of suitable sleeping bags, then the panel may not be compatible and won't work.


  • Expanda Panel Special Forces 1 Black - 8211657340018
    Expanda Panel Special Forces 1 Olive - 8211657340117
    Expanda Panel Special Forces 1 DTan - 8211657341411
    Expanda Panel Special Forces 1 A-TACS - 8211657341015

    Expanda Panel Special Forces 2 Black - 8211657350017
    Expanda Panel Special Forces 2 Olive - 8211657350116
    Expanda Panel Special Forces 2 DTan - 8211657351410
    Expanda Panel Special Forces 2 A-TACS - 8211657351014
Outer Fabric (100% Nylon)

Paratex Steelplate is used on the cream of Snugpak's products giving a great balance between aesthetics and performance. Paratex Steelplate is lightweight, tough, highly breathable, high wicking, windproof & water repellent.

Inner Fabric (100% Nylon)

Paratex light is lightweight, highly windproof, water repellent fabrics, exceptionally breathable and able to wick moisture away from source.

Insulation (100% Polyester)

Randomised fine filament fibres create extra voids and loft to trap more warm air, whilst keeping the same weight as a standard insulation.

Outer Fabric (100% Nylon)

The MultiCam® pattern was developed to effectively limit the visual and near-IR signature of a person operating across a very wide range of physical environments and seasons. After many successful evaluations, after being proven in combat, and after becoming the officially issued pattern of the US Army for all Afghanistan operations in 2010, MultiCam® is the proven multi-environment concealment solution.

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