Dri-Sak™ with air valve

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Dri-Sak™ with air valve

Tough ventures and inclement weather place extra demands on your kit, and there is nothing worse than finding equipment wet, or at worse, damaged, when out on the hills. This heavy-duty waterproof storage bag with valve, roll and clip seal, will ensure your contents stay dry, keeping your essential equipment safe from the elements in a 100% waterproof pack.

A typical problem with traditional dry bags is the difficulty of squeezing out all the air while trying to pack up your kit. The Dri-sak with valve resolves this issue by allowing you to open the valve after you have packed your equipment so you can easily squash out any excess air before resealing. This means you get the maximum amount of compression to ensure you have the smallest pack size possible.

40L - Used to segregate expedition rucksacks (>40L) and create an enclosed waterproof pack.

Synthetic Insulation and other equipment need to be protected when not worn, and in inclement weather, water can penetrate your pack from all angles inside and out. The Snugpak® Dri-Sak creates an enclosed 100% waterproof environment for essential equipment and is made from a lightweight nylon fabric; additional D-rings allow the Dri-Sak to be clipped together, or secured vertically/horizontally in your pack to minimise movement when moving over difficult and dangerous terrain. The 100% waterproof material also keeps out sand, dust and snow, for overseas and colder ventures and expeditions, and they are a great way of separating wet/dry and clean/dirty items of clothing and equipment. In an emergency, the design can also be used to carry emergency water supplies as an impromptu bladder. If inflated without contents, they also make excellent emergency pillows!

Proper Use: The Snugpak® Dri-Sak is not designed to be submerged for extended periods of time. Once you have placed your items inside, roll down the reinforced hem at least three times before closing with the buckle then expel as much air as possible using the valve, you can kneel down to expel further air, to reduce the overall pack size. (You may need to insert your finger to release the valve from time to time, for maximum compression.) If storing other equipment, be careful with sharp edges or abrasive items that could damage the inner face of the material.
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Weight Weight includes everything.
Tough Durable, lightweight and tough.
Volume 40L 40 Litres of storage space.
• 100% Waterproof, Dustproof & Sandproof
• Durable & lightweight
• Durable non-freeze plastic buckles to secure the roll down hem
• Reinforced Roll-down closure to protect your equipment
• D-Rings for attachment or securing inside pack from minimal movement
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Colour Available

  • Olive

Sizes Available & Weight

  • 130g / 5oz

More Information

  • If the Dri-sak is struggling to compress the air out of the valve, make sure that none of the Dri-saks contents has blocked the air valve.

    If you need a smaller Dri-sak, follow the link.


  • Dri-Sak With Air Valve 40L Olive - 8211653210124

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