Softie® Expansion 3

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Softie® Expansion 3

The Softie® Expansion sleeping bag has a unique expanding system called the EEP (Elasticated Expander Panel), this allows the user the option to make the bag wider when required. You can do this to give yourself more room to move or to help cool the bag allowing you to regulate your body heat for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Comfort and Low-temperature figures are given for guidance only, find out more
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Weight Weight includes everything.
Comfort Use this as your main temperature guide.
Low Experienced users who are used to severe conditions.
Compression Stuff Sack Help reduce volume to give you extra space when travelling.
Light Weight Exceptionally lightweight, perfect when on the move.
Built in Expanda Panel Unzip the jumbo zip baffle to make the bag wider for extra comfort.
Built In Led Torch Detachable LED torch in sleeping bag hood.
Mummy Shape Tapered at the bottom to minimise wasted space.
Snugfit Hood The quilted top of the bag is tailored, pleated, and fitted with a drawcord so it pulls into shape, rather like a jacket hood.
• Integrated Torch - Innovative torch in the hood, can be removed
• Reflectartherm Technology - Reflects and retains heat
• Thermal Suede - Snug Foot lining for warmth
• Chisel shaped foot - For extra comfort
• Anti-Snag Zip - Helps prevent the zip from getting stuck
• Softie® Insulation - Snugpak exclusive insulation
• Snugfit Hood - Helps keep drafts out and heat in
• Compression Stuff sack - Supplied with a compression stuff sack for easy carrying
• Built-in Expanda Panel - Unzip the jumbo zip baffle to make the bag more spacious for extra comfort

Shortening clips
The clips on the bottom of the bag have a useful feature to make the bag shorter; by using the clips of the foot of the sleeping bag, you can shorten the bag by 30cm. Making the sleeping bag shorter improves its ability to keep you warm, this is because when the sleeping bag is shorter, there is less air inside that your body has to heat up and keep warm. If you decide to shorten the sleeping bag we suggest that you fold the bottom of the sleeping bag underneath the rest of the sleeping bag when attaching the clips, this puts more insulation between your feet and the ground for extra comfort.

Comfort and Low-temperature figures are given for guidance only, find out more

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How To Pack a Snugpak Sleeping Bag

When you’re packing up your camping gear after a night in the Great Outdoors, it can be rather frustrating when the sleeping bag just doesn’t seem to fit into the bag it came out of the night before. Check out our informative 90 second video to help guide you through the process.

Sleeping bag fit
220cm (-30cm)
75cm (+12.5cm)
Packsize Dimensions
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Outer Fabric (100% Nylon)

Paratex Micro is tough, lightweight, highly windproof and water repellent. Paratex Micro utilises closely constructed fabric and is exceptionally hard wearing but still remains soft to the touch.

Inner Fabric (100% Nylon)

Paratex light is lightweight, highly windproof, water repellent fabrics, exceptionally breathable and able to wick moisture away from source.

Inner Fabric (100% Polyester)

Reflectatherm, this metallised fabric is designed to retain heat and warmth. A highly breathable material, which adds little to the weight or pack size.

Insulation (100% Polyester)

The brand name for our exclusive synthetic (Polyester) filling. It utilises superfine yarns bound with special resins to produce a luxurious down like feel. It is created from staple yarns which mirror the compositions of natural insulations. is designed for use within the UK.

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